The Power of "What if" When It's Needed the Most

Actionable insights… everyone talks about them; Turn delivers them precampaign… and in real time. Our bid forecasting and audience extension tools put real-time insights in the hands of media planners for fully informed buying decisions. From a single screen, media pros can define inventory sources, targeting criteria, pricing models, etc.., and then immediately see resulting audience estimates clearly graphed across various metrics. They can then easily boost reach of their honed targeting criteria with the audience extender which blends Turn data with third-party data to paint a rich picture of “look alike” segments. “We believe that in order to make online advertising more effective and efficient, we need to be buying audiences rather than inventory,” said Quentin George, Chief Digital Officer of Mediabrands. “Turn is an important technology and platform partner for us that enables real-time decision making, valuation, optimization and campaign transparency. They play a crucial role in the solution set that we are building for our agencies and advertisers.” Keith Pieper, Director of R&D at Cadreon adds: “We can finally test various buying strategies against our audiences prior to going live with any campaign. Turn’s audience tools bring us closer to the promise of zero media waste in the new paradigm of real-time media buying.” Bid estimator & audience extender are included in the release of Turn Platform v2.1 Bill Demas, our CEO, chats with about how the Turn platform pre-arms media planners with real-time insights. Read it here. Read the press release:

Turn Platform v2.1