The Not So Secret Ingredient

“Right ad, right person, right time, & right price” is the perfect recipe for success when it comes to online display advertising, right? Well, there’s another important ingredient… how about a dash of Transparency, please? Then we will have the makings of an effective, efficient and brand safe dish for marketers.

Audience optimization and auction marketplaces may entice marketers to revisit the decision to transition dollars to online display for brand campaigns, but premium brands are demanding to know where their ads run. This isn’t too much for them to ask, but what does this mean for the various industry partners like publishers, DSPs, data providers, ad exchanges and aggregators? Safe environments in which to advertise can be just as important as ROI and campaign performance, but keeping a brand safe online isn’t as easy as it may seem. Bill Demas, President and CEO of Turn, serves up the latest scoop on transparency. Check out the full article at ClickZ: