The Future of Multi-Channel Marketing

In a recent article in ClickZ, CEO and President of Turn Bill Demas examines the current disparity between a consumer’s multi-channel interaction with advertising, and the decidedly non-multi-channel approach of many brands’ marketing strategy. Bill puts it this way: “Imagine if you could understand the consumer across every media channel and coordinate your messaging, frequency and sequencing to tell them the story of your brand in a way you know will resonate with them. I’m the same regardless of what media channel I’m using – but because today’s marketing solutions treat every channel as a silo my marketing experience was completely uncoordinated.” No one can deny that marketing is undergoing a major shift. New channels have created new opportunities to reach a broader spectrum of audiences more effectively. At the same time, traditional channels won’t be going away any time soon, leaving marketers with the challenfe of selecting the most effective channels and determining the optimal advertising levels on a channel-by-channel basis. For Bill’s full discussion of the challenges of multi-channel marketing, and the new solutions that exist today, see the complete article here.