The Fundamentals of Real-time Bidding

Real-time bidding (RTB) enables advertisers to more efficiently and effectively achieve campaign objectives.  While it's true that RTB is a different buying model for marketers to understand, the promise of digital display advertising remains "right message, right customer." What RTB adds to the equation is "right price and right time." The fundamental concept of RTB is that it makes it possible for marketers to target audiences directly, instead of using content as a proxy for audience. Additionally, in today's real-time marketplace,  advertisers get exactly the impressions they want and control over their ad spend  along with the ability to react immediately to the data. Philip Smolin, GM Platform Solutions at Turn highlights four fundamentals of RTB: 1. Find custom audiences at scale 2. Reduce media waste 3. Optimize for performance 4. Maintain brand safety Read more at iMedia Connection >>