Finding the Brand Safety Sweet Spot

In the great cross-channel chase for customers, advertisers want to engage target audiences in as many contexts as possible – across devices, media, and ad formats. But no marketer wants to risk...

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Video: Kraft & Starcom Deliver on the Data

At the Forrester Marketing Leadership Forum this year, Bob Rupczynski, VP of Media and Consumer Engagement at Kraft Foods and Lindsay Leon-Atkins, VP of Integrated Insights at Starcom joined Turn...

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From Click to Cash Register - Translating Online Data to Offline Sales

Brandon Bethea is the chief marketing technologist at Sq1, a data-driven marketing firm. This article was originally published in Retail Online Integration . The future of retail is...

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Turn Goes ‘Beyond the Banner’ at Advertising Week 2014

Data has revolutionized advertising, and its impact on creative and media planning is only growing. So when Turn took the stage at Advertising Week in New York City on Tuesday to steer the...

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Turn Takes on AWXI

It’s Advertising Week here in New York City, and Turn is all over it! Below is a run down of the events that Turn will be speaking at and hosting. We’re looking forward to sparking some engaging...

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