RTB Standards Developed Within Industry Wide Consortium

Turn joins five Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) and Supply Side Platforms (SSPs) to form OpenRTB, a industry group whose goal is to increase efficiency and drive industry adoption of auction media buying. Among the first initiatives tackled by the group is standardizing protocol for managing publisher and advertiser blocklists, which is a costly, time and labor intensive process. For more information on OpenRTB, visit According to Bill Demas, CEO & President of Turn, “Digital innovation is occurring at a rapid speed and the industry needs standards to keep pace. This unified initiative fosters trust in RTB media buying for publishers, and ultimately benefits those agencies and advertisers looking to leverage biddable inventory to target audiences at scale.” Other companies leading this charge include AdMeld, DataXu, MediaMath , PubMatic and the Rubicon Project. Here’s what they have to say: AdMeld “Standardizing RTB blocklists is a win for both sides of the transaction,” said Michael Barrett, CEO of AdMeld. “Not only will it help SSPs more effectively reduce channel conflict for their publishers, but it will boost CPMs because buyers will be less likely to bid on inventory they cannot win. That means more valid bids per impression, reduced operating expenses for the DSPs and more efficient ad delivery all around.” DataXu “Agreeing on a set of standards will enable all of us to streamline the real-time media buying process and create a stronger foundation on which to build future industry innovations,” noted Bill Simmons, Chief Technology Officer at DataXu. “It’s critical that we join to overcome these common technical challenges if as a group we wish to see the industry realize its full potential of delivering superior marketing results to agencies and brands.” MediaMath “OpenRTB is a sterling example of what can be achieved when industry leaders align to solve a common problem,” said Marta Martinez, CMO of MediaMath.”This is a case where the whole is far greater than the sum of the parts and where each company’s unique experience, insights and perspectives will coalesce to create important, far reaching best practices.” Pubmatic OpenRTB is a group dedicated to working together in order to expedite innovation around RTB, and PubMatic is proud to be a part of it,” said Jeanne Houweling, Vice President, Demand Partner Solutions. The standards this consortium works to establish and advance today will benefit the entire real-time advertising ecosystem of tomorrow. The Rubicon Project “As more and more publishers look to RTB as a key source of demand for their inventory, it’s critical to have the right standards in place to minimize friction between the buy and sell sides,” said Ben Trenda, VP of REVV Marketplace Development at the Rubicon Project. “As one of the top two sources for real-time biddable inventory in the online advertising ecosystem, we’re focused on building next-generation technology that empowers publishers to address the opportunities and challenges in the industry, as opposed to reinventing the integration wheel with each new real-time demand source we bring into the REVV Marketplace. Publishers benefit when we reduce friction for buyers, so we were keen to be a part of the OpenRTB Consortium.” Read the full press release here >>