Retargeting Chat at OMMA Global

This year’s OMMA Global event in San Francisco attracted thousands of attendees from the digital display, mobile, social, and video media channels.  I spoke on the panel “The Re-Targeting Re-volution: How Has Retargeting changed over the last year?” together with the head of marketing from Criteo, the CEO’s of OwnerIQ and Choicestream, and the Director of Strategic Partnerships from Media6Degrees. The session was very well attended and with a great discussion on retargeting.  My fellow panelists and I, all industry veterans, agreed in the importance of retargeting as a key strategy in any display media campaign. Cory Treffiletti, panel moderator, posed other key questions during the panel, such as: - What are the basics of retargeting and why is scale typically a problem? - What are the upsides to retargeting?  What are the downsides? - Where would you rank re-targeting in the prioritized mix of digital marketing tactics that are available to marketers? Retargeting is continuing a conversation with consumers who have shown an interest in your brand.   While a very effective lower funnel display marketing tactic, we also discussed how retargeting is more successful when run in conjunction with upper-funnel prospecting campaigns.  Some other important  aspects of what maximizes the performance of retargeting campaigns were explored, including: - Matching your message to your audience – having custom offers and creatives that speak to different segments of your retargeting audience - Scale - ensuring that your retargeting partner has the scale and technology to assimilate retargeting data in real time and bid on every available impression on your behalf. (For example, did you know that Turn ingests data and makes it available for targeting within 6 milliseconds?) - Not limiting your campaign to retargeting only – feed your upper sales funnel by building look-alike audiences based on your retargeting campaign. - Privacy – ensuring that your retargeting partner is an NAI member and is playing an active role in user privacy protection. So where will retargeting go in 2011?  I believe you will see a dramatic increase in the adoption of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) retargeting.  Messaging to users who have visited your brand not just via your site but through other channels as well enables brands to keep a consistent messaging strategy across multiple consumer touch-points.  Targeting with CRM data not only enables this very powerful messaging strategy and when partnering with a platform like Turn that facilitates custom analytics, empowers clients to view the effects of display in other channels. It was a fun panel and a great topic.  If you weren’t at the show check out the video out here! Cheers, Matt