Reaching the Audience Marketplace

What a week for the advertising industry in NY!  I just returned from ad:tech NY and the conversation about audience targeting was definitely center stage. I participated on a panel entitled "Rise of the Audience Marketplace" that was moderated by Jeff Flemings, Senior VP and Global Head of Social at VivaKi.  Joining me on stage were: Heather Hopkins, SVP and General Manager of MTV Tribes; Josh Jacobs, Senior VP of Brand Advertising Products & Marketing at Glam; Larry Gelfand, SVP of Media Sales at the NHL; and Quentin George, Chief Digital Officer of IPG’s Mediabrands. I walked away from that event thinking more so than ever we have near perfect product-market alignment, the singular key for any successful start-up.  We are committed to enabling a new form of digital media buying where brands and agencies are evolving how they approach a campaign buy.  The five years of development we put into our technology platform have paid off as we start to serve as the decision engine for agencies and advertisers that want to evolve how they are finding and targeting key audiences with their digital buys. It was great to hear panelists talking about some of the successes that this evolved targeting practice is delivering: positive campaign performance metrics, the changing behaviors of media buyers who have access to impression-level data, and predictions on how this data is going to reshape the digital advertising industry. Perhaps Quentin George said it best:  This kind of targeting is “addictive.”  To us, when you have the ability to define audiences at the individual or impression level, marketing becomes more effective and efficient. I’m so glad the conversations are evolving among agencies, advertiser and publishers: 2010 will be a year of strong evolution in the media ecosystem. Bill