Q&A: Former Microsoft & aQuantive Exec Scott Howe Joins Turn’s Board

Today, Turn Inc. announced that Scott Howe, former Microsoft and aQuantive executive has joined its Board of Directors. According to Scott Howe, “I’ve been impressed with Turn’s ability to innovate and develop an enterprise-level media platform product. I look forward to leveraging my expertise to grow the Turn brand globally and further cement the company’s position as the industry leader in data-driven advertising.” Scott spoke to AdExchanger about Turn and shared insight on the digital display market. Here's what Scott had to say: 1. Where does the demand-side platform fit in the digital ad ecosystem over the next 1-3 years? Will it become commodotized as a business model? Every online advertising forecast that’s been released suggests that digital advertising is expected to post continued strong growth, and new formats (e.g. video, mobile, social) are going to grow at an even faster rate.  Within that growth, the one common denominator among all advertisers is the need to purchase and evaluate their media effectively.  In a world of increasing choice and complexity, the role of the DSP becomes critical. And while most agencies are carefully evaluating options and the competitive space may seem crowded, this isn’t an industry that I would expect to quickly commoditize given the size of the prize for companies who can unlock better advertising performance. In other words, the driving purchase criteria won’t be the cost of the DSP technology, but rather the value the DSP can provide to the overall media plan. 2. Is there still room for ad networks like DrivePM?  What does ad network model of tomorrow look like? Just as there are mutual funds and exchanges in the securities markets, so too will there likely be ad networks and exchanges in the advertising world.  But the day of the unsophisticated ad network, that simply exists to take advantage of pricing asymmetry between supply and demand, is coming to an end.  In future, ad networks need to create real value – either through ease of purchase, targeting tools or unique packages. 3. What big trends do you expect to gain momentum in the next 12 months in online ads? Continued fragmentation, experimentation and an explosion in media choices will make it increasingly difficult for advertisers to navigate through their available choices and plan a single, cohesive campaign.  For those that can, often by using more sophisticated tools like the Turn Media Platform, advertising effectiveness will enter a renaissance period – marked by heightened creativity, ad effectiveness and ROI. Read the complete column at AdExchanger >>