Protecting Consumer Privacy

In an effort to assuage consumer anxiety over audience tracking, Turn is partnering with Better Advertising, who enable advertisers, their partners and industry associations to be more transparent in how consumer data is collected and used for online advertising.

According to Scott Meyer, Founder and CEO of Better Advertising, “Turn has been on board from the beginning as we’ve defined Better Advertising’s solution for privacy compliance. DSPs are a key gateway for the data, meaning they can play a critical role when it comes to transparency and privacy protection for brands and consumers.”

As the first demand side platform (DSP) to join Better Advertising’s industry leading partners, Turn provides the transparency and consumer privacy protection that the world’s largest agencies and brands demand. The Better Advertising partnership is the latest in Turn efforts to steward consumer privacy. Turn actively participates in the industry coalition lead by the IAB, The Centre for Information Policy Leadership, and is compliant with NAI self-regulation principles.

Mediaweek has the latest scoop on Turn’s involvement:.