Premium & Exchange: The best of both worlds

How working with direct publishers can add huge value to your campaigns In the past year, our industry has come a long way in helping brands and agencies wrap their head around the concept of impression-level media buying.  Exchanges and supply side platforms have been instrumental in providing mass reach and efficiencies, forever changing digital display advertising. Buying audience over content has become a point of discussion across the industry, but I’m reminding all of our agency customers and inventory partners that it is far from an “either or” situation. Turn can provide mass reach through the major exchanges (both static and via RTB on RMX, AdX, AdMeld, OpenX, AdBrite, PubMatic, AdECN, Adify, FAN etc) and augment with inventory not normally available for impression level buying. In fact, Turn has many agency clients that have exclusive partnerships with publishers to offer their brands a premium position as well as the ability to target a specific audience. Turn’s free publisher direct tools empower agencies and brands to leverage their publisher relationships to tap into premium inventories. Don’t worry, if you don’t have a media buying team, Turn has expert media buyers with relationships at all the top ComScore sites to help you find the perfect inventory for your campaigns. This concept around exclusive partnerships with publishers brings me to the value of content and the often repeated question, “can brands be built on remnant inventory alone?” Imagine a world in where you can track and measure both guaranteed placements right alongside your performance tactics. Turn has a set of tools that allow full flexibility for inventory buying and it’s exciting to watch our agency and advertising clients maximize both the exposure and performance for their brands, while increasing eCPMs and revenue for publishers. This is a win-win for the buy and sell sides of the industry. Here’s why: For agencies, utilizing a combination of exchange trading alongside premium placement buys allows you the chance to: o   track and measure all inventory by creative asset and campaign o   allow for true global frequency capping o   provide robust full-picture reporting for your clients o   cut exclusive deals with publishers that fit your exact advertisers’ needs o   set up your direct publishers with either guaranteed placements or with a simple redirect tag, that inventory becomes “biddable” in Turn’s Media Platform And, for publishers, there are  a lot of controls that maybe we don’t highlight enough, including: o   most exchanges and aggregators offer you the chance to adjust your transparency and slice off inventory for select buyers. If there is a specific agency that you’d like to partner with—you can do so o   many publishers simply want to understand and be able to monitor the spend across audience campaigns—Turn offers a reporting interface to track the volume of  impressions that matched the custom-build audience from an agency o   you can price inventory at different CPMs and manage yield internally within your own ad server—sending only inventory that matches an advertisers audience o   create  packages that allow you to carve out custom placements, takeovers and unique channel buys as well as provide agencies the ability to buy a pre-defined audience So, the answer to the question, “can brands be built on remnant inventory alone?” is “why would you even want to try?” The beauty of today’s digital advertising eco-system is that it’s not based on a black or white model. It’s time to re-think how to fully capitalize on audience buying  – whether that means remnant, premium, exchange or non-exchange inventory buys. Want to learn more? Shoot me an email