Platform-Based Buying Reveals New Customer Data

In a recent ClickZ article, Adam Cahill, SVP, Director of Digital Media at Hill Holliday, discusses how the rise of platform-based buying has changed the job for media buyers. Cahill explains that while the job used to be about planning, it’s actually become more about responding to what happens after a campaign has launched and leveraging those insights to make better strategic decisions. The job shift from pre-campaign launch to post campaign launch provides an avenue to find new meaningful customer data that may have remained undiscovered.

Cahill asked industry experts for cases when advertisers identified new audiences through campaign insights. Bill Demas, CEO at Turn, identified a case where a company’s pre-defined target was IT decision makers in seven specific U.S. markets. Turn was able to identify several related targets that significantly lifted delivery and lowered costs, including "seniors that are the male head of household," "senior republicans," and "audiences that have shown an interest in insurance ads." Read the full article here >>>