Open Data Partnership Announced

Better Advertising, one of Turn's compliance partners, announced the Open Data Partnership, a program that extends consumer choice beyond the browser to companies collecting anonymous behavioral information online. The partnership, comprised of a handful of industry companies including Turn will provide consumers with full transparency into this data and enable them to edit their information or opt out completely from a company’s cookie. "As a leading data-driven advertising platform, Turn takes privacy protection very seriously and is committed to keeping consumers in complete control of their personal data," said Xuhui Shao, Chief Technology Officer at Turn. "Better Advertising's initiative encourages all players in the ecosystem to provide the highest level of transparency, adhere to stringent self regulation to address consumer anxiety and foster trust in digital advertising channels." The Open Data program provides consumers with a centralized shop to see what information is being collected about them and have the control to edit their information directly from an ad impression or publisher site that uses Better Advertising’s Assurance Platform. Read more >>