Magnify Your ROI

Today, MediaPost featured Turn’s new ROI Optimizer, which enables advertisers and agencies to optimize media spend against multiple weighted consumer events online as well as values like shopping cart transactional data.

For example, without the ability to optimize against transactional data, a customer who makes a purchase of $10 would be equally valued as a customer who converted for $1,000. In both instances a shopping cart beacon would record a single conversion with no distinction to dollar amount. Similarly, for automotive brands a conversion for downloading a car brochure could be a less valuable event than scheduling a test drive at a local dealer.

According to MediaPost, “...knowing the consumer segment who can afford, and perhaps spent, $2,800 for a Sony 3-D television, rather than a $1,080 Vizio can optimize budgets and help build out campaigns throughout the marketing funnel.”

Eric Anderson, VP of Operations, Trading Desk at Omnicom Group adds, “A consumer’s path online can be circuitous and uniquely their own, and because of this it’s been difficult to effectively optimize for ROI when a conversion can involve several events and various values. With Turn’s ROI Optimizer, now I can easily select multiple beacons to one campaign line item, assign different click through and view through values to each, and then the Turn Platform will optimize the campaign’s media spend based on my custom settings.”

Today’s real-time marketplace is all about getting better visibility into the level of engagement and value of consumers, and then utilizing these insights to effectively measure and optimize multi-event conversion strategies.

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