Kudos to DSPs

A recent article from MediaPost covered a pilot program for Yahoo's Right Media and gives kudos to DSPs. According to MediaPost: The pilot now gives Demand Media and Yahoo access to real-time bidding (RTB) options. These added benefits aim to provide advertisers the tools to dig into audience data and collaborate more closely on search and display advertising. It should help SEM advertisers who struggle with greater fragmentation across display networks. Ramsey McGrory, vice president of Yahoo North American Marketplaces presented the findings from the test at the Right Media Open in July. Highlights include: - Yahoo saw the quality of ad demand reflected in pricing during the pilot -- As the DSPs executed ad targeting more effectively, ad networks spent less money, but DSPs spent more, which provided benefits both to buyers and sellers. - DSPs represent a shift in buying from a TV-style composition-based media buy to a more granular audience based media buy. DSPs are focused on targeting the right audience and controlling frequency more effectively, which means that a higher percentage of ads are served to audiences that are actually the right demographic. - The DSPs are willing and able to pay higher CPMs for the more, well-defined audience segments. They are winning impression auctions and beating out ad networks in the process. DSPs spend increases. Ad network spend decreases. Aside from the technology, DSPs act more like agents and act in the interest of the advertisers. Ad Networks are more reluctant to share data and disclose performance. Read more at MediaPost.