How Marketers Can Find Brand-Safe Inventory

Ad exchanges have traditionally set out to solve a particular pain for advertisers: fragmented access to ad inventory. But what happens when buyers determine that the inventory doesn’t meet their quality standards?

Inventory quality is a known problem, and it has become a hot topic of conversation. Media execs frequently debate the future of programmatic advertising at events. But offstage, much of the talk is often focused around low-quality inventory, fraudulent traffic, and whose job it is to fix the issues.

At Turn, quality inventory is a high priority. We take active measures to enable our buyers to gain access to inventory by partnering with ecosystem leaders who share our goal of enabling a safe, high-quality buying environment. Here’s how we do it:

1. Enforcing strict inventory guidelines

Turn implements a customer-first expectation on access to quality inventory. By enforcing our three-strike policy, we deliver on the promise to regulate any inventory that is unsatisfactory or not up to our standards. We also empower marketers with options to utilize integrated verification vendors to help define quality access based on their own definitions.

2. Additional proactive measures

Along with a strict set of inventory guidelines, our inventory from ecosystem partners is reviewed, scrubbed, and regulated on a consistent basis. Then, with the help of our third-party partners, we qualify traffic, identify questionable sites, and implement a platform-wide block list to help avoid running inventory that is likely to be unacceptable to buyers.

We work with partners to initiate continuous discussions that ensure adherence to our guidelines. When quality concerns are brought to our attention, we notify partners that a quality issue was identified. This notification requests that the issue is rectified within a specific period, or further actions will be taken to prevent buyers from exposure to this inventory. Based on Turn's discretion, a strike may be applied against the inventory source, which is documented internally for partnership review purposes. 

3. Understanding new market trends

Turn is proactive when it comes to tracking and acting on market trends. Our close verification partnerships coupled with proactive internal efforts enable us to be prepared for new types of inventory, which could be seen as low quality and/or sites that are unacceptable based on Turn's guidelines. Additionally, by anticipating the types of inventory that marketers and advertisers need, we’re able to add and onboard new supply partners within our ecosystem.

Best-in-class inventory yields the best results

When advertisers don’t use a platform that enables quality inventory differentiation, their ads are less likely to produce a high success rate. We empower marketers to choose from more than 130+ data, inventory, and technology providers throughout the marketing ecosystem. We’re staying ahead of the curve and integrating with partners to provide a better experience for our customers.

Learn more about our platform and how we provide our clients with quality inventory.

Julius Ramirez

Senior Director, Global Business Development