Help Turn Make the Internet Week Cut!

We’re excited that Internet Week is just around the corner! We’re especially excited because we’ve submitted a panel for the AOL Broadcast Stage and we’re hoping you can help us make the cut! Our VP of product and marketing, Philip Smolin, would be discussing the future of digital advertising, focusing on how RTB is radically changing the space. Admeld’s chief media officer, Jason Kelly, will also participate in the discussion. The advertising industry has seen loads of innovations over the past few years and we’re bombarded by three letter acronyms and ecosystem charts. As agencies seek to build stronger relationships with publishers, and publishers begin paying closer attention to the value of their audiences, real-time bidding (RTB) has become one acronym that's dramatically impacting the industry. In this panel, we’ll explain how RTB is changing online advertising for both publishers and agencies, as well as the evolution of RTB itself – from open auctions to private exchanges to guaranteed buys. If you are as excited about RTB as we are, please vote for our panel here: and help spread the word!