Guide to How Real-Time Bidding Works

Success in the real-time bidding (RTB) marketplace requires advertisers to re-wire the way media is purchased.  More and more, RTB is shaping how display inventory is being accessed and understanding how RTB works is essential to any online marketing strategy.  Through the power of RTB, advertisers are now able to use automated technology making it highly efficient for advertisers to bid on every ad impression.  It might be hard to imagine that technology buying will replace human contact, but the assurance of greater efficiency, delivery of smarter audience targeting, and scalable reach has made RTB  an integral part of digital media strategy. In a new article on iMedia Connection, “New Insights Into Real-time Bidding,” Chris Kane, Account Strategist at Turn, explains how the rise of platform-based buying has shifted the skill set required for media buyers and forever-changed media strategies across the industry. Read full article here>>