Google Gets in the Game

The rumors  have been circulating for a while now,  so it’s no shocker to hear that Google decided to buy their way into the DSP Market. You can now add Invite Media to the list of companies that Google has acquired. The industry is of course  busy discussing the deal’s  pros and cons.
In a piece this week in Adweek, Brian Morrissey asked our own Bill Demas for his take. According to Bill: “This is a great validation of the segment. It’s confirmation that marketers are moving away from buying content to ultimately buying audiences. They’re looking to centralize their buys and integrate with companies that help them do that.” Adweek also reported that the deal raises questions about the impact on Invite Media’s agency customers now that the company is part of Google. Depending more heavily on Google technology could make media agencies uncomfortable. The move solidifies Turn’s strategy to build an agnostic, end-to-end media platform that integrates the best in data, inventory, and technology for the world’s elite marketers.  “It’s important to be agnostic. We don’t have any inherent conflicts being an independent player,” Bill added. Get the complete lowdown from Adweek here.