Two recent developments have Xuhui Saho, Chief Technology Officer at Turn, thinking about the industry's level of privacy involvement and what it means for our future. As a member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), I received an email informing me that the IAB's VP of public policy, Michael Zaneis, testified before the U.S. Congress to state concern about the privacy bills that hamper the ad-supported internet. More recently, The Wall Street Journal published a "What They Know" series, which is very critical of many forms of internet-tracking technology. It seems as if a noose is tightening around the online ecosystem's potential for being a major engine of economic growth. As an industry, we need to act aggressively to ensure this potential is actualized, not extinguished.

In a new column on iMedia Connection, Xuhui Shao offers 5 ways to get ahead on consumer privacy protection:

  • Conduct evaluations to understand your level of privacy
  • Provide transparency to consumers around data and targeting
  • Monitor and evaluate partner relationships
  • Familiarize yourself with privacy solutions
  • Get involved with trade organizations

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