Data Conversion Drives Cross-channel Audience Discovery

In a recent byline in MediaPost, eXelate CEO Mark Zagorski wrote, “It’s no secret that the convergence of online and offline advertising is happening – at a snail’s pace.” He goes on to detail his belief that in order to fuel more rapid growth in the online advertising industry, advertisers need to rethink the relationship between online and offline data. It's not just about integrating these two data types but establishing real compatibility them. Turn’s recent partnership with Experian demonstrates the power of applying direct marketing capabilities to an online environment. Creating a more dynamic and comprehensive system for leveraging offline data is precisely what will enable brand budgets to flow more freely from offline to online media channels.  According to the IAB’s Full Year Report for 2010, online captured just 15.5% of total US ad spend – a dramatic under-allocation given that consumers are spending 23% of their media engagement time online.  Why the disparity?  Because as Zagorski points out marketers have been  constrained by the inability to define an audience once and find them across every media channel.  The data wasn’t available, the inventory too fragmented, the creatives underwhelming, and the overall process too inefficient and costly versus TV. Integrating online and offline data, as was the case with Experian, is the critical first step in defining an audience once and being able to find them everywhere.  Name your PRIZM cluster, choose your media channel(s), set your message frequency and sequencing rules and let the technology take care of the rest.  Not only does this dramatically increase buying efficiency but it enables the broadest and deepest analysis possible – which is critical for a brand to tell their story to the right audience.