Better Advertising

Today is a big day for consumer privacy protection in online advertising. A number of companies in the space -- Turn, Omnicom Media Group, Cadreon, Vivaki, Havas, GroupM, Netmining and Safecount -- have joined forces with Better Advertising ( to design the next generation consumer privacy monitoring tool for online advertising. The reason behind Turn becoming a partner in this  initiative is pretty simple: consumer privacy is an important issue for us.  Turn has been a member of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) since 2008 and has been very proactive in working with NAI on privacy self-regulation issues such as enhanced privacy policy, consumer opt-out and consumer educational campaigns on behavior targeting.  Because Turn is working with many of the best consumer brands today, we are extra sensitive to maintaining the safety of these brands in terms of quality of advertising and consumer privacy. So we are excited about this opportunity to work with Better Advertising and all its partner companies. As the Turn platform continues to gain market traction, this is another small but important step in ensuring that Turn always has the interests of consumers and consumer brands at the heart of our product. ---------------------------- Xuhui Shao CTO