AT&T AdWorks Deploys Turn Private Marketing Cloud

We’re excited to be announcing our partnership with AT&T AdWorks today for the deployment of our Private Marketing Cloud solution, a first of its kind in the advertising industry. However, we want to first explain what Turn Private Marketing Cloud is, and why certain customers would want to use it.

Turn Private Marketing Cloud is an organization’s own implementation of our Turn Audience Platform software, installed behind their own firewall and network security, on their own hardware, in their own datacenter location. There are two main reasons an organization would want to do this: privacy and speed.

Privacy-conscious organizations today must balance consumer privacy with their wish to leverage their unique data for marketing purposes. Turn Private Marketing Cloud helps marketers achieve this balance, by enabling them to retain control of how their data is accessed. Without a solution like Turn Private Marketing Cloud, marketers could only achieve this balance by either exposing their customer data to the public Internet or by attempting to build a complete data management platform on their own, behind a firewall.

By deploying Turn Private Marketing Cloud behind their own firewall, organizations can ensure that only approved users can access sensitive data. Turn Private Marketing Cloud also ensures that customer information is kept isolated from any other data or activity within the Turn ecosystem. These organizations can have access to Turn’s ecosystem of more than 100 marketing technology partners (enabling them to build custom marketing campaign solutions), but can rest peacefully as those third party providers cannot access customer data from that organization – unless they are explicitly granted permission to do so.

Additionally, deploying Turn software in the same physical or logical location as other corporate resources reduces latency. While our software is blazing fast when delivered from our own cloud, organizations can really kick it into high gear with a private installation.

Turn provides professional IT services to assemble and “light up” the hardware necessary for a private installation, and we also continue to maintain the software and provide technical support on an ongoing basis. This ensures that Turn Private Marketing Cloud customers continue to get the latest and greatest from us.

We’re proud to offer technical innovations to all of our customers, especially our newest, AT&T AdWorks. We’re also equally proud that our Private Marketing Cloud passed AT&T AdWork’s stringent security requirements and privacy tests.

For more information about Turn Private Marketing Cloud, contact us.