Ad Specifications

Supported Formats GIF, JPEG, SWF, Simple HTML, Rich Media (Expandables and in-page video ads) Ad Unit Sizes 468 x 60    120 x 600    120 x 240 350 x 60    160 x 600    180 x 150 728 x 90    300 x 250    234 x 60 Maximum File Sizes

  • HTML and Flash: 30K
  • Rich media: 30K initial load size; 1.2M for in-page video ads; 80K for expandable

Submission Standards


  • One ad per zip file
  • Zip file should contain: 1) A single ad;   2) An HTML file; 3) Graphic file(s) (images hosted by Turn)
  • Required HTML File Setting: Set form tags to method = “get”; Links must contain target = “_blank” to open a new window upon click


  • Flash player 7-9 compatible
  • Each ad may only contain one click destination, the Click URL should be provided to Turn separately from the Flash file, and the clickTAG call in ActionScript must be implemented using the standard “clickTAG”
  • Required Flash Settings: clickTAG must open in a new browser window - this is accomplished by passing “_blank” in the getURL function: getURL(clickTAG, “_blank”); No external calls - any functions that attempt to install software or access (or modify) the user’s browser settings are strictly forbidden

Rich Media

  • Must be hosted by ad server from a major rich media vendor, including:  Atlas Rich
  • Media, DoubleClick Rich Media, Eyeblaster, EyeWonder, Pointroll and others
  • All control buttons available (close x, play, rewind, pause, volume) with text >= 16 font
  • Audio is strictly user initiated
  • Max video length = 15 seconds.  Relooping must be user initiated
  • Max auto expansion cycle = 3 seconds.  Max expansion = 2X initial ad size