1B Bids on Real-Time Bidding Inventory Platforms

Just noticed that sometime last week we made our 1 billionth bid using real-time bidding (RTB) on behalf of our clients, agencies and advertisers. Specifically, these bids were made on the RTB inventory platforms that we are live on: AdMeld, AdX and PubMatic. The positive trends in impressions won through RTB we blogged about earlier continue: higher CPMs for publishers as well as better eCPA and CTR for advertisers. Google's AdX is the latest RTB platform that was integrated with Turn. So far we have won auctions on AdX on behalf of 113 advertisers and agencies, and results are good. Overall RTB is a small but rapidly growing inventory source at Turn. Combined with the fact that we are usually early adopters, one can conclude that RTB volumes are still relatively small out there. But if I look at the rates of their growth over the last few months, I see 2010 as a year of dramatic increase for getting inventory in real time.